Bouncy Castle FAQ

1. Do you rent inflatables for public events?

We have rentals that are strictly for Residential/Home use and they can be found here:

Residential Rentals

We also have rentals available for Commercial/Public use and they can be found here:

Commercial Gallery

2. Are the inflatables safe to use?

Please refer to all of the instructions and guidelines listed on your rental contract and on the unit itself. It is important that all users follow the rules listed on the contract and the unit. Our inflatable’s are all safety-rated and exceed industry safety standards. This means that they are built with safety in mind, using the latest in high-security designs and fire retardant materials.

3. How much does it cost?

The daily residential rental prices can be found here. We also offer weekend/2day rentals and a 50% DISCOUNT off the rental fee for the second day.The half day/full day commercial rental prices can be found here. All prices are plus HST. We do require a $200 security deposit when the inflatable is picked up and refunded when the inflatable is returned/picked up in good condition. We offer rental insurance on all our inflatables which is optional – you can read more about our rental insurance option here.

***Please note a $200 security deposit is NOT required with Public/Commercial rentals if hiring an attendant from Kingston Bouncy Castle Rentals to supervise at your event/rental.

4. Is there a deposit required to book my inflatable?

No. We do not require a deposit to book your inflatable. Your rental is secured as soon as you fill out the online rental application form, and receive an e-mail confirming your booking (within 24 hours) from Kingston Bouncy Castle Rentals. Be sure to check your “others/junk” folder for our reply!

5. What types of payment do you accept?

Payment is required when the inflatable is picked up/delivered. The security deposit can be paid in cash or cheque. The rental charge + hst and rental insurance is payable in cash only. We do not accept credit or debit at this time. Cheques can be made out to Kingston Bouncy Castle Rentals (KBCR).

6. What is your price match guarantee?

We will meet and beat any competitors advertised price on an identical inflatable by 15%

7. What are your service areas for inflatable rentals?

Our service areas are from Ottawa to Toronto. We accommodate customers travelling a far distance with our overnight inflatable rental option. Please check out our commercial rental agreement or residential rental agreement for more specific information on our overnight policy. Please note for RESIDENTIAL/HOME USE RENTALS delivery service is only available in Kingston and surrounding areas!

8. Do you offer delivery service?

Yes. We offer drop off/pick up services on all our inflatables within Kingston & surrounding areas. We still offer customer pick up/drop off on all our inflatables. We will work with your event start and finish time when booking your delivery service.

9. What are the pickup and drop off times for RESIDENTIAL rentals?

We offer two different pick up and drop off times. 9:00-9:30am for pick up and 5:00-5:30pm for drop off. 10:00-10:30am for pick up and 6:00-6:30pm (MAY 15TH THROUGH SEPTEMBER 15TH) for drop off. PLEASE NOTE FROM SEPTEMBER 15TH THROUGH MAY 15TH WE ONLY OFFER 9-9:30AM FOR CUSTOMER PICKUPS AND 5-5:30PM FOR CUSTOMER DROP OFFS. If these times don’t work with your event please contact us and we will work with you to figure out pick up and drop off times

10. What are the pickup and drop off times for COMMERCIAL/PUBLIC rentals?

The pickup/drop off times will vary depending if you are doing a half day or full day rental. We will work around the hours of your event to offer the most flexible pickup/drop off times.

11. Do you offer overnight rentals?

Yes we offer overnight rentals. There is an additional $50 rental charge for residential overnight rentals. There is an additional $75 rental charge for commercial/public overnight rentals (PLEASE NOTE NOT ALL COMMERCIAL RENTAL INFLATABLES ARE ELIGIBLE FOR AN OVERNIGHT RENTAL). The inflatable and all accessories must be stored indoors overnight. You can pick up the inflatable the evening before your rental OR keep the inflatable overnight after your rental. Inflatables are available to be picked up the night before between 7:00-8:00pm and inflatables kept overnight on the day of rental must be returned by 8:00am the following morning.

Overnight rentals must be arranged at the time of booking. Please note, we will not allow any inflatable to be kept overnight unless arranged in advance.

12. Do you offer 2 day or weekend rentals? How does a 2 day rental work?

Yes we offer DISCOUNTED two day rentals! We offer a 50% DISCOUNT off the rental fee for the second day. Example: If you picked up your inflatable Saturday morning you would return it Sunday evening. If the rental fee for the inflatable is $100+HST per day then with a two day rental you would pay $150+HST.


13. Are all the inflatables available year round to rent?

No. The inflatables cannot be setup outdoors during the winter season. We do rent small inflatables that will fit indoors/inside your house for winter rentals. Our water inflatables (Crazy Crocodile Water Park, Shark Attack, Slip n’ Slide, Splash n’ Bounce and Summer Sprayer Splash Park) are only available for rent June through August.

14. Do you offer discounts if I order more than one inflatable for my party?

Please contact us if you have a need for renting multiple units on any single day. We will do our best to work with you and give you the best price.

15. How far in advance do I need to book my inflatable?

Ideally you should book it as soon as you’re ready to make a decision. Availability can decrease quickly two or three weeks ahead of time, especially on weekends, which may mean you are not be able to reserve your first choice inflatable. We do take last minute bookings (even on the same day) when units are available. If the weather’s great and you want to rent an inflatable, just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

16. What is the best way to book my inflatable?

The fastest and easiest way to book is on our website. Under the Rental Forms section on our website you will find the Rental Application form you can then select if you require a residential or commercial/public rental. You will receive written confirmation of the booking within 24 hours via e-mail. You will be required to print and bring with you a copy of the rental agreement. You will be asked to sign and return these when you come to pick up the inflatable rental.

17. How many children can jump at once in the inflatable?

The weight and age limit varies for each inflatable. You can find the specific information under the description of each inflatable. Please note that Kingston Bouncy Castle Rentals provides the suggested number of jumpers at one time as a guideline only.

18. Can teenagers and adults use the inflatables?

There are no age limits/restrictions for the Inflatable Darts, Inflatable Limbo, Inflatable Soccer, Inflatable Twister, Tug of War, Sumo Suits and 5 in 1 Sports. All other inflatables have a maximum age of 10 years/100 pounds maximum per jumper and are not permitted for teenagers/adults.

19. Are the inflatables clean?

Yes! We do our best to keep our equipment as clean as possible. Dirty, grungy units reflect poorly on us as a company, and on you as the person in charge of providing entertainment for your party/event. We take our job and your concerns seriously, which means keeping our inflatables sanitized, clean and in excellent working order. All of our inflatables and equipment are meticulously cleaned and serviced after each rental. We want you to be comfortable in knowing that you are providing your family and guests with fresh and hygienic rental products.

20. What do I need to supply for my inflatable rental?

We will provide all the equipment necessary for the inflatable. Depending on the location of your outlets you may be required to provide an extension cord. You will need to provide a standard garden hose for water inflatables.

21. What type of surface can the inflatable be set up on?

The area should be reasonably flat, level, clean and clear of any sticks, stones, toys, or animal feces. Grass is the best surface for our inflatables. Types of surfaces that are not suitable are stony or rocky surfaces.

22. How much room do I need to set up the inflatable?

The inflated sizes of all inflatables are listed under the pictures of the inflatables.

23. What if it rains? What happens if it starts raining during my rental?

If the weather is looking rainy or windy on the day of your event, either we will be in touch with you or you can call us to see our opinion of the weather. If we deem the weather to be inadequate to safely operate our equipment we reserve the right to refuse renting the inflatable (for outdoor rentals). The vinyl on our equipment will get very slippery when it is subjected to water. Should you pick up the inflatable for your event, and the weather turns bad during your rental period, the rental charge will not be refunded or discounted. If it starts raining or gets too windy during your rental time you must immediately discontinue use of the equipment for safety reasons.

24. How long is the rental period for my residential rental?

The rental period for residential rentals with customer pick up/drop off is 8 hours. We don’t offer a half day option for residential rentals. You rental period may increase or decrease slightly with our delivery option.

25. How long is the rental period for a Public/Commercial rental?

We offer two different rental options for our public/commercial use rentals. Our half day option includes a 4 hour rental period. Our full day option includes a 6 hour rental period.

26. How long does it take to setup and take down the inflatables? Is it hard to do?

Most of our inflatables take 1-2minutes to fully inflate, and they are VERY easy to set up. Our staff will explain how to set up/deflate your inflatable at the pickup time. We are available by phone the entire day of your rental if you have any questions.

25. What if I can’t get the inflatable back into the bag it came in?

No problem. Once you return your rental we inflate it, inspect it, and refund your deposit to you. There’s no need to spend time trying to fold the inflatable perfectly as Kingston Bouncy Castle Rentals will be inflating it as soon as it’s returned.

26. Can I set up the inflatable indoors?

Definitely! Our inflatables are perfect entertainment for any kind of function held indoors as long as there is sufficient space. Please view the details of the inflatable you are interested in to get space requirements.

27. Will the inflatable and accessories fit in a car or do I need a truck?

Most inflatables will fit into the trunk or backseat of a car. If you have rented an inflatable that requires a larger vehicle for transportation you will be informed before your pick up date.

28. Why Should I pay for rental insurance?

Our rental insurance plans provide our customers with a sense of security during their inflatable rental. Accidents do happen! And Kingston Bouncy castle Rentals has established very cost friendly, experience based insurance plans that have both our inflatables and YOU in mind! Our plans essentially cover damage to our inflatables from normal wear. Rental Insurance is NOT refundable, regardless of the condition of the inflatables upon return.

If you choose to decline our Rental Insurance Option, and the inflatables is returned damaged (*), there will be a deduction made from your security deposit.

(*)Kingston Bouncy Castles holds the incontestable, legal right to declare and pursue what is considered damage to our castles, and what amount will be deducted from the given security deposit. Please see our RENTAL AGREEMENT for specific information on damage penalties.

29. What is not covered under Kingston Bouncy Castle Rentals Insurance?

Take a minute now to read over our RESIDENTIAL RENTAL AGREEMENT or COMMERCIAL RENTAL AGREEMENT depending on what is applicable to your rental. Read it carefully! We want to make sure you understand what is covered under our insurance plan, and what is not. Damages due to negligence on the part of the renter will NOT be covered by our RENTAL INSURANCE option. The RENTAL INSURANCE will be deemed VOID if the rules and regulations stated in our RENTAL AGREEMENT are not followed, and damage to a rental unit occurs.

30. How much does your RESIDENTIAL RENTAL INSURANCE option cost?

We have come up with the best and most fluid pricing for our Insurance Option. Castle rentals that range from $65 – $90/day are covered for only $10 per day Rental Insurance. Castles ranging from $91 – $150/day are covered for only $15 per day Rental Insurance. Castles that are priced at $151 and over/day are covered for only $20 per day Rental Insurance.

Please Note! If you would like to purchase Rental Insurance please indicate so by selecting the “yes” button on our Rental Application Form. Rental Insurance is to be paid at the time of castle pick up, and is payable in cash only.

31. How much does your PUBLIC/COMMERCIAL RENTAL INSURANCE rental cost?

We have come up with the best and most fluid pricing for our Insurance Option. Rental fees ranging from $50 – $99 are covered for only $20. Rental fees that are ranging from $100-$135 are covered for only $30. Rental fees that are $135+ are covered for $40.

32. How can I be sure my booking has been confirmed?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours after filling out the rental application form found on our website.

33. How long will I spend picking up and dropping off the inflatables?

If you come prepared for your pick up you will spend 5-10 minutes. At drop off you will spend 5-10 minutes as we will set up the inflatable, inspect it, and then refund your $200 deposit.

34. What if I have a problem or question during my rental period?

We will go over all questions/setup instructions before your rental starts. If you come across a question/problem during your rental you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

35. What if I need to cancel my rental?

If you need to cancel your rental for unforeseen circumstances, we ask that you please provide us with at least 48 hours’ notice.