Public/Commercial Rental Insurance

Want peace of mind on the day of your rental? Kingston Bouncy castle Rentals offers RENTAL INSURANCE so that you know you’re covered if an accident occurs during your special day! Take a minute now to read over our RENTAL AGREEMENT. Read it carefully! We want to make you understand what is covered under our insurance plan, and what is not.

Why should I pay for rental insurance?

Our Rental Insurance plans provide our customers with a sense of security during their rental period. Accidents do happen! And Kingston Bouncy castle Rentals has established very cost friendly, experience based insurance plans that have both our inflatables and YOU in mind! Our plans essentially cover damage to our inflatables from normal wear. Rental Insurance is NOT refundable, regardless of the condition of the inflatable upon return.

If you choose to decline our Rental Insurance Option, and the inflatable is returned damaged (*), there will be a deduction made from your security deposit.

(*)Kingston Bouncy Castles holds the incontestable, legal right to declare and pursue what is considered damage to our inflatables, and what amount will be deducted from the given security deposit. Please see our RENTAL AGREEMENT for specific information on damage penalties.

What is not covered under Kingston Bouncy Castle’s Rental Insurance?

Damages due to negligence on the part of the renter will NOT be covered by our RENTAL INSURANCE option. The RENTAL INSURANCE will be deemed VOID if the rules and regulations stated in our RENTAL AGREEMENT are not followed, and damage to a rental unit occurs.

For example: If you purchase rental insurance, but the inflatable is returned with puncture holes throughout the inflatable you rental insurance would be void as you failed to comply with the following rule from our Rental Agreement.

10) Absolutely no pets, toys or sharp instruments on the inflatable at any time. Any damage to the inflatable from failure to follow this rule will incur a $75.00 damage penalty.

How much does rental insurance cost?

We have come up with the best and most fluid pricing for our Insurance Option. Rental fees ranging from $50 – $99 are covered for only $20. Rental fees that are ranging from $100-$130 are covered for only $30. Rental fees that are $131 and above are covered for $40.

Please Note! If you would like to purchase Rental Insurance please indicate so by selecting the “yes” button on our Rental Application Form.

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